Our office now offers SkinPen micro-needling. SkinPen is the first and only micro-needling system that is FDA approved, specifically for the treatment of acne scarring of the face, and is also used for facial rejuvenation to improve appearance. SkinPen has set a new technological and safety standard for micro-needling, offering minimally invasive, non-ablative options utilizing state of the art skin rejuvenation technology. Employing straight needles that penetrate at 90° angles, SkinPen creates hundreds of vertical microscopic channels in the skin painlessly to trigger skin remodeling without causing scar tissue formation. Usually three treatment sessions are required in the office, with minimal downtime and little risk. You might hear about other micro-needling devices, but SkinPen is the only one that is FDA approved, and we’re the first to have it. Ask us about it.