Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The gold standard for definitive treatment of this debilitating condition is surgical. Ultimately, there are two surgical options to treat carpel tunnel syndrome: the open technique and the endoscopic technique. The endoscopic technique consistently allows less pain and quicker recovery than the open technique. One of a limited number of physicians in Connecticut specializing in hand surgery, Dr. Arons is the surgeon with the most experience in the New Haven area with the use of the endoscopic technique and has probably performed more endoscopic carpal tunnel releases than any other local surgeon. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome often results in numbness and tingling that can make even simple tasks hard to accomplish. Many patients describe a feeling of coldness and even of pain that may radiate up the arm, even to the shoulder or neck. Classically, symptoms are worse at night and awaken patients from a sound sleep. Patients may have a weakened grip, worsening penmanship and loss of dexterity. Patients may notice numbness and tingling while driving, holding a phone, book, newspaper or a hairbrush. Symptoms tend to become more severe over time.